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Gardens of Hunger Aid


Gardens of Hunger Aid is on a mission to heal communities and end hunger in underserved areas and food deserts. We utilize sustainable agriculture technologies such as Shipping Container Farming, Warehouse Vertical Farming, Aquaponics, and Hydroponics to bring fresh, healthy, and locally grown produce to those who need it most. By providing access to nutritious food, we are helping to improve the health and well-being of individuals and families in these communities. Our innovative solutions are also environmentally friendly and adaptable to even the most challenging environments. Join us in our efforts to heal communities and end hunger by supporting Gardens of Hunger Aid today.

basic model
Hope For Estelline, Tx

​This project involves the implementation of a hydroponic farming system in Estelline, TX, which consists of a hydroponic shipping container farm and an outdoor hydroponic farm. The hydroponic shipping container farm is a self-contained system that allows for year-round crop production, while the outdoor hydroponic farm utilizes natural sunlight for crop growth during the warmer months.

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